Prenatal & Postpartum Package

The birth of a baby presents a profound, life changing experience as a new or larger family is born. The ways in which this transition to a new family unit is supported can have a long-term impact on the family’s physical and emotional health. 


One of the biggest challenges of our current medical model is the lack of care provided to mothers postpartum. New mothers are routinely discharged from the hospital after 48 hours and are not scheduled to see their care providers for 6 weeks. This lack of care can contribute to breastfeeding challenges, poor recovery, and postpartum depression. Postpartum support fills the gap in our medical system so that no mother slips through the cracks. 


I am here to provide you with emotional support, help you recover faster and find the confidence you need to meet the challenges of life as a new mother. 


During our sessions we will address:

  • Processing your birth

  • Support for emotional & physical recovery after birth

  • Nutrition and exercise

  • Sleep support for both you and baby

  • Breastfeeding - bottle feeding - pumping 

  • Education on infant care

  • Fostering family bonding - including how to support older siblings

  • Sex and family planning

  • Self care and support network

  • Unlimited email support


Learn how to advocate for yourself and your baby, make informed decisions, know what to expect, release your fears about childbirth, and create a postpartum plan. Each session will be custom-tailored to meet you and your needs. 

Discover the tools and support needed to have a positive birth. 


Here’s what to expect:​

  • These calls are catered to YOU and your needs.

  • Answers to all of your questions. This is your chance to ask a Midwife anything that would help you feel more confident on your path to motherhood. 

  •  Nutritional counseling and natural alternatives to common pregnancy symptoms.

  • Support around how to cope with stress and navigate the relational changes in your life. 

  • Ongoing discussions about what to expect from your OB/Midwife appointments. Receive up-to-date information about prenatal tests and childbirth options.

  • Prepare your mind and body for a positive birth with relaxation, breathing exercises, and gentle movement.

  • Receive videos, audio recordings, cheat sheets, and worksheets to prepare you for your birth and postpartum.

  • Get the 411 on how to establish a birth team YOU trust.

  • Create a postpartum plan that will help you get clear about what you need for both your physical and emotional recovery.

  • Unlimited email support​

8 prenatal/birth support sessions

8 postpartum support sessions